Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Do You See What I See?

Yes, it's another post from me!! It's been quite awhile. I'm not even sure anyone is still out there to notice I'm alive and kicking.

It's been unseasonably warm this year. I was out putting up some outdoor Christmas decorations and found these little guys just soaking up the sun.

A lot has happened since I last posted. This is one of our latest additions to the farm. I saw it at a farm on our way to an auction a few weeks back. On our way home, we stopped and left a note with my number on it. The note just told the owner we were interested in buying the truck if they were interested in selling it. Long story short, they just gave it to us! Mr. Farmer went the next weekend and picked it up. There's not much left to it- no front axle, not much of an interior, etc.- but I love the look of it. Based on the design, we think it's somewhere between a 1949 and 1951 GMC dually farm truck. This is it the morning after we brought it home.

This is it with its Christmas wreath.

Here are a few more outdoor decorations. The lights aren't very visible. Maybe I can get out there to take some pics when the sun goes down. 

Well, I'd better save some things for another post!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Baldies Out Front

Update: This post was written this past winter and then I forgot about it. I just wanted you to know that we do not have snow on the ground currently nor have we had any recently. Of course, this is Iowa and it could still happen!

We have had an increase in bald eagles around here lately. The other day as we were sitting in the living room, we saw a bald eagle swoop down to the road out front and attempt to pick up a dead rabbit. The rabbit was dropped and the eagle circled above. Then, another bald eagle started circling.

I wondered if it was a pair or two rival eagles. I had no idea if the female and male eagles looked the same so I did some research. It turns out that the males and females look the same except the females are usually larger. And the further north you go, the larger the birds get on average.

So, in the extensive research of the subject, I still have no idea if it was a pair of baldies out front or rivals. BUT, I know it could be either one.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bye-Bye Buddy

 Our beloved dog, a true part of our family, was hit by a car this morning and had to be put down. It's still too painful to talk much about it. He was such a special dog.

His eyes were what first drew me to him. He had a way of using those beautiful, brown puppy dog eyes to weasel his way into your heart. He had the softest ears, too. But his ears were sensitive and he didn't like them messed with much.

He loved being outside. But if it was windy, he liked to come inside. And if it was cold, he liked to be inside. And if it was rainy, he liked to come inside. And if he was just feeling lonely, he wanted to be inside. He loved being with his family!

He kept the farm in order. He didn't like critters in the yard, big or small. He was a great watchdog and we felt safer with him here. He was a quiet companion when you just wanted to sit and be still. Buddy was such a joy to watch when he was just being a dog. He raced- not chased- the mailman every single day. And he always won! Buddy was spectacular to watch when he would catch a scent of an animal and race top speed after the scent. Or when he chased rabbits. He was an amazing dog!

Our special Buddy will be greatly missed.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Baby And Her Daddy

This is what my Baby used to look like when she was on her Daddy's lap.

This is what my Baby looks like now when she sits on her Daddy's lap.

Oh how things have changed!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Another Day

 My eldest child, Sissy, turned 14 this past January. She has been working to earn the right to study for her driver's learning permit. Sissy's attitude changed and she became a sweet (relatively) and helpful girl. Because of this, we let her study for her permit. Mr Farmer brought home a book and she began to study. She studied and she studied. She took notes and she took the practice tests online. She took the practice test every day, several times a day and passed it every time.

So, today, we had to be in town for something else and I decided she was ready to try to take the real thing. We loaded up the truck and we moved to Beverly...Hills that is...swimming pools, movie stars. Wait! Where was I? Oh yes. We got her birth certificate and social security card and headed to the courthouse.

She took the test and got 100% the first time! Her photo was taken. She took the eye test. I had to say I was her mother and was letting her have the permit of my own free will. As opposed to under threat of death and dismemberment, hellfire and damnation. Otherwise known as a teenage girl's daily life.

I agreed. I had to sign saying all that. And then she had to sign. This was hilarious! She tried the first time and set her hand on the screen so a line went across the whole thing. She started over. She wrote carefully and slowly and... it was not legible. She started over, clearly frustrated. This is one instance when homeschooling has a disadvantage. She doesn't write cutesy little notes to her friends or put her name on her papers, so she hasn't had a lot of experience signing her name to anything. Nevermind signing a stupid, electronic thingy with a plastic pen while hovering over the plastic pad. Third time was a charm and her signature was fairly legible, so we accepted it.

The printer spit out her temporary, paper permit and now she can legally drive a car. Legally drive a car. Legally drive a....What have I done? Was I mad? They never asked if I was in my right mind. Shouldn't I have had to have a doctor's note saying I was mentally capable of making such a huge decision?

If you come looking for me, I will be huddled in the corner, weeping and rocking back and forth, muttering to myself about unacceptable motherly behavior.

I tried to let her drive us home, but Baby absolutely refused to get in the car, so I drove home. Later in the afternoon, we left Baby and the Boy home and Sissy drove around the country block. Our top speed was almost 40! She did pretty good for her first time out. Mr Farmer took her out after supper to go uptown to get gas in the car. He told her she had to pump it and pay for it. She didn't fall for the paying for it part, though. I'm raising her right.

This just isn't right. My little baby girl is driving. Mr Farmer told her she needs to get a ticket so he can take away her permit until she's 16. She's going to have to find that gas pedal first!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Washer

I've recently acquired quite a few microfiber cleaning cloths. It's recommended not to wash them with fabric softener, so I have to hand wash them separately. I also hand wash my "boulder holders".

A side story. I washed my bras the other day and had them hanging in the shower to drip dry. We were expecting company and Mr Farmer asked me if I'd moved my "boulder holders". I said I did. The girls heard him say this and Sissy burst out laughing. She has never laughed so hard or long! Then she says, "That is so crude and yet so funny."

And now back to our regularly scheduled post. I came across an idea online to make your own washer, of sorts. This is what I came up with.

First, I took my craft knife and cut squares in a new, cheap toilet plunger. I think I cut 3 or 4 holes.

Next, I took a clean five gallon bucket with a lid. I cut a hole in the center of the lid, big enough for the plunger's handle to fit through.

Now I just put my rags in hot water with a scoop of Oxy Clean and a few drops of Dawn dish soap. Then, I just use to plunger to agitate the rags, or "boulder holders" I set it aside and every time I walk through the kitchen I plunge it a few times. I do this for several hours, alternating soaking and plunging.

When I feel the items are clean enough, I rinse them, wring them out, and put them back into the bucket. I add hot water again and some white vinegar. The vinegar helps to thoroughly rinse the items of soap. I agitate/ plunge several times again. I rinse and wring the rags again. Finally I add the rags back to the bucket with clean, hot water. I plunge a few more times, rinse and wring and hang the items to dry.

I'm amazed at how clean the rags get! It sounds, from the description I gave, that this process takes a lot of time and effort, but it really doesn't. And I save up the dirty rags to do a load at a time. If one is particularly dirty, I let it soak overnight in the bucket of Oxy and soap. This is one hack that I really like.

Do you have any favorite hacks?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


We have had so many cardinals this year. The other day I counted 8 females. There are less males than females, maybe only four.

We got home from my dad's funeral the other day. I looked out the kitchen window. I saw smudges on the outside of the window and immediately thought we had had a peeing tom. Someone was casing our joint.

Then, I moved a little and saw this.

I think we have one less male cardinal. Can you believe the detail left on the window? I can see individual feathers, the beak, feet, and wings. It's amazing!