Friday, November 2, 2012

Winter Preparations

This latest storm on the east coast has me thinking. Have you noticed how many people are on television begging for help? Mr. Farmer said to me this morning, "They have known for quite a while now that it was coming. Why were these people not prepared?"

Good question. This post is not to bash those who aren't prepared for such disasters, but one to encourage others to prepare for the next one. The one that might just hit us.

Thinking about the upcoming winter, are you prepared if we get a storm that knocks out power? Do you have a backup source of heat, electricity, food preparations?

How will you keep your family warm? Do you have extra blankets? A fireplace? Plenty of wood? Maybe your backup is a generator, but do you have extra gas to run it? Have you run it lately to make sure everything works? Do you have power cords to run from it to your appliances?

Do you have a plan for how you will see when it's dark and you have no light? How about getting some candles and placing a lighter or matches in the same drawer as the candles. Check the batteries in your flashlights and stock up on extras. Get an extra gallon of lamp oil and make sure you have enough wicks.

Do you have any extra water stored for drinking? What about extra food? How will you cook? Does your grill have enough lp in it?

Have you thought about your animals? Do you have extra food for them? Do they have enough bedding to keep them warm, if they are outdoors? How will they get water? Remember that they are completely dependent on you and shouldn't be overlooked in disaster preparations.

If you have thought of backup plans and have them in place, think about all the things that make that plan work and stock up on extras. Then, when a storm is forecast, go get all your supplies and bring them to where they can be easily found. It's easier to put them away if they end up being unneeded than to find them in the cold, dark, panicky disaster.


  1. You are so right, so many aren't prepared for storms that may be coming. For the first time we had to prepare and prepare we did. All the things you listed and then some. Yes, we prepared for our animals, ourselves, our food, etc...So happy that we did even though we didn't have to use it. Sandy didn't hit us full force like they thought, we ended up being in the eye of the storm so the outer bans didn't pound us. But like you I was amazed at the people who didn't prepare. What were they thinking? I do not know, but let me tell you, you are better off safe than sorry!! I'm so glad that we prepared even though we didn't need it. Like you said things can be put away if you don't use it. And that is exactly what we did. A Prepared East Coaster

  2. Glad you didn't need to use those preparations, Brenda. It feels good, though, just to know you are prepared.