Friday, December 5, 2014

My Christmas Decorations Exploded All Over The Living Room

After decorating for Christmas this year, it looked like Christmas exploded.

I have some new things this year. This antique baby strolling sleigh is so cool! I got it at an auction. I put in a lap quilt, a snowman (of course!), a sock monkey, and my antique teddy bear. I adore the scrolling of the runners.

Also new this year, are my old ice skates and snowman figurine.


More antique skates and a sign I made on burlap.

I added greenery to my firewood basket.

And lights to my antique popcorn popper and lantern.

 And finally, a new birch twig wreath.

I also added some burlap pieces with writing on them to my antique sleigh bells. And also to my little sleigh. I'll show you the technique for doing this in a later post.

And just some pictures of the rest of the decorations.



  1. Very festive! You have a good eye for decorations.

    How did you illuminate the lantern?

    1. Thank you!

      I put a string of lights and some pillow fluff inside the glass. I was able to leave the cord for the lights out so I could plug it in. I did the same thing in the popcorn popper.

  2. Looks real nice Langela, I have always said you know how to decorate. You also have an eye for antiques.

    1. Thanks, Gordon. I love antiques and decorating.