Tuesday, February 10, 2015


We have had so many cardinals this year. The other day I counted 8 females. There are less males than females, maybe only four.

We got home from my dad's funeral the other day. I looked out the kitchen window. I saw smudges on the outside of the window and immediately thought we had had a peeing tom. Someone was casing our joint.

Then, I moved a little and saw this.

I think we have one less male cardinal. Can you believe the detail left on the window? I can see individual feathers, the beak, feet, and wings. It's amazing!


  1. You get peeing toms? Hadn't heard of them before. We only get peeping toms. ;0D

    1. Oh my! I missed that in my proofreading. I'd change it but it's too funny. Now all I can see is some guy standing outside the window peeing on my flowers. Thanks for the laugh. :)