Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Baby Does A Guest Post

I decided to let the kids each do a guest post on a few of their favorite things. Please excuse any spelling errors as they will be typing it themselves. They also took the photos themselves.

First up is Baby. Baby is seven years old. She loves princesses and sparkly things and the color pink. The other day she said I was the sparkle queen. Then she declared herself the sparkle princess of Sparkle-topia.


this is my favorite thing and this is  wat it ses woof! can i be your friend?.

Ant J gave thes to me.

I got this for Crismis.

Hr name yoone.

This is my jernl.


  1. You have some very nice things, Baby! I would love to have some slippers like yours. Thank you for posting the pictures of your very special things.

    1. Baby says thank you, but she's not sharing her slippers. She loves you, Granny.

  2. That was a very good blog,Baby.. Some day you will be writing your own...Thanks for sharing with us your fun belongings! :-)

    1. Hi Aunt J! I love you and thanks for commenting. Love Baby.