Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dog Days Of Winter

I tell the kids every time they come in from outside, to hang up their coats. More often than not it doesn't happen.

Then Buddy comes in for a bit and makes himself at home.

Don't worry. No lessons have been learned from this. Except by Buddy. He learned that his coat is not as comfy as the kids' coats.


  1. Awww, I fell in love with the Buddy I met when he was sleeping in the planter pot. I still just love him to death! I'm sure it doesn't bother him that he's sleeping on something that smells like someone he loves.

    1. He has trained us pretty well. He doesn't like wind. It bothers his sensitive ears. So he comes to the windows and doors and barks at us until we let him in. Sometimes he goes as long as 1/2 hour barking. Then he comes in and lays down on a rug until we leave the porch. That's when he makes his move for any coats on the floor.