Monday, July 15, 2013

I Like Lilies

I have lilies of many colors all over my yard. I have daylilies and asiatic lilies.


Asiatic lilies.


  1. Ooooooh, so pretty! I tried to pick a favorite, but can't decide between picture #5, #7 or the last one.

    1. Oh I know. They are each so pretty in their own way. And I have several more that I didn't even get pictures of. They don't, however, make good cut flowers so I have to get out and walk around daily to enjoy them. Such a tough job! :)

    2. Of course, I don't know one kind of lily from another, but I never had brought any of mine in the house until this spring. I was surprised they actually lasted nearly 2 weeks! In the future, I'll certainly have my house filled with bouquets of lilies :-)

    3. You have asiatic lilies and they would be ok to bring in. Daylilies, however, only bloom for a day and are kinda ugly without their foliage to help hide their long thin "necks". I love your huge bunch of lilies. Mine are getting there slowly.