Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Post For Granny

My dear friend, Granny, mentioned in her comment on my post that I didn't mention my actual gardens. Isn't she sassy?

I replied that I'd try to get a photo of something from my gardens.

Well, Granny, here is your proof that I have harvested something this summer.

If you'll notice, some of the tomatoes are not quite ripe. My kids pick them and if they have a fair amount of color to them, they come inside. So, to the window sill they go for a few more days. I'd rather do that than have kids who have no interest in gardens, though.

Also, the last photo is of some of my "Oxheart" heirloom tomatoes. I just love how much flesh and how little seed they have!


  1. I think if you looked up the word "sassy" in the dictionary, you would find Granny's picture! Gotta love that sassy gal though!

    1. I think so too. And she wouldn't be the same without the sass, so I gotta keep her.