Friday, August 23, 2013

Who Thinks Up These Things?

Do you ever look at a game and wonder, "Who thinks up these things?"

No? Well, I have an answer for you anyway.

I think it starts something like this.

Two kids, we'll call them Baby and The Boy to protect their privacy, decide to have a contest. Baby came up with the idea and so declared she would make up the rules and be the judge of who won. The Boy, glad he didn't have to do any of the thinking, was happy to participate.

First, the contest would be to see who could vacuum the living room the best. You see, vacuuming was Baby's chore and she found a way to get half of it done by someone else without the someone else realizing he was doing it.

Next, they set up the "field". Stools were lined up down the center of the room to divide the two sections. The extra vacuum was brought up from the basement and they were set.

What's that, Baby? Oh. There must be costumes. "But I don't have a costume," complains the boy, afraid he"ll be disqualified.

"Don't worry," replies Baby, "Just put this on your head."

"Ready. Set. Go!"

And they were off. Of course, Baby had to have the best costume.

And she won the contest.

And she got her chore done, partly, by someone else. The weirdness comes from her dad, but the genius is all me. You don't believe me? I swear, I have not had any underwear on my head today. Yesterday maybe, but not today.


  1. As a teenager, my son, John, used to devise ways to get his best friend to do his chores, while John sat and supervised! He had Wayne doing everything from moving furniture and vacuuming to shingling the garage! Of course, I didn't care who did the work, as long as it got done.

    I wanna see a picture of you with your underwear on your head. Really.

    1. And now you have him doing your chores. Way to go Granny!

      Probably not going to happen. Probably. :)