Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Was Only Gone Three Days!!!

This past Labor Day weekend, we went atv-ing again down at Soggy Bottom ATV Park. When we returned, the kids decided to go out and pick tomatoes.

I was busy cleaning up the camper and didn't pay attention right away. Then, they brought in all of the tomatoes. There are some green ones that got knocked off the vine and brought in, too. Of course, I would probably have left a lot of them to ripen a day or so longer.

What happened while we were gone? It was only three days and we picked before we left.

We headed to the back garden and finished picking tomatoes and green beans back there.

Now I have a mess to take care of. And our freezers are full. And I'm trying to get ready for another garage sale. And I'm tired.


  1. And I hear you! Although my tomatoes have slowed considerably, and I still want more. I'm absolutely beaned out.

    1. I'll send you my tomatoes. They aren't very big, though. And I have beans in the fridge to put up today. Or eat tonight. We'll see how the day goes.