Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Sweetest Thing Ever

The other day, The Boy was having a bad day while Sissy and I were in town, so Baby made him this card.

Have a tissue handy.

I will translate under each piece. (Her English teacher sucks!)

 Dear Boy
It does not matter what people say about you. Just believe that your family will love you and take care of you.
Love, Baby

Here, I guess, The Boy is falling and Baby has "got him"???

On a completely different note. The two youngest just played a guitar and sang a couple of  songs they made up.

Here they are.

My life is so complicated. My life is hard and so dull. (Baby)
Aww cheer up. I will help you. (Boy)
You will? Thanks. (Baby)
It is nothing. (Boy)
Do you want coffee?( said by both to Mr Farmer and me)

song #2
Low places are so slow but I'm good to dogs. (Boy)
Come on. I'm a talking dog. I can wrestle. (Baby)
But I am so good to you. Please don't hurt me. (Boy)
Ohhh, grow up! (Baby)
Ok, thank you dumb dog. (Boy)
Hey, wait till I get my paws on you! (Baby)

The end.


  1. Awwww, that was so sweet!

    Her English teacher sucks? Wait....aren't you her English teacher? :-D

    1. Yes, I am her English teacher. That's the only downside to homeschooling. :)

  2. Awww, I'm glad that you told us to get our Kleenex because I needed mine! So cute, so sweet and just what you want to hear your kids say! I think you and Mr. Farmer are doing a great job with your kiddo's!

    1. Thank you! She does have an extremely sensitive little heart.