Monday, June 3, 2013

The Flip Flop Fiasco

A funny thing happened the other day during our Memorial Day weekend trip. We took the Ranger down to the creek so the kids and Buddy could cool off in the water.

The nice thing about this creek is that the bottom is sand and rock, not mud. Before we realized it, the kids had taken off their shoes and set off to explore.

Once I saw this, I told each of them to put their flip flops back on so they didn't get hurt if they stepped on a rock or stick or piece of metal. Every one of them grumbled and complained, but obeyed.

But then, Baby kept losing hers off her feet every single step she took. Still, I held my ground and she plodded on.

Then, it happened. She went to the bank to play and found the only mud in the creek. Her flip flop sucked right off her foot and buried itself into the muck. I sent her siblings to help look for it. She was feeling around and exclaimed loudly, "I found it! I found it!"

The Boy starts laughing. "That's my foot," he told her.

Then Sissy joined the search. They all felt around in the mud for the missing flip flop.

Sissy yells out, "I found it! I found it!"

The Boy starts to laugh again. "That's my foot," he told her.

Finally Baby finds her flip flop and holds it triumphantly.

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