Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fun For Memorial Weekend

This year for Memorial weekend we decided to leave the farm and head south. We only went a couple of hours south, but it was far enough. While we were gone it rained here at the farm. And it rained. And it rained. It was cold and did I mention that it rained? I think they got about 5 inches here.

Meanwhile, away from the farm, we enjoyed sun and warm temperatures. It was perfect camping weather. We had a campfire and made s'mores.

But camping wasn't our main focus on this trip. We left the farm to take our Ranger out on trails. Last summer we visited this camp/atv park with some friends of ours. This year we went back.

The campground was packed beyond its limit. The owners, Greg and Deb, said it was their busiest weekend ever. I'm glad we called ahead. We didn't want to drive that far and then not have a camp spot.

Anyway, Soggy Bottom, the park we went to, is a privately owned atv park. There are about 140 acres of timber and creek, with trails running all over. These trails are challenging. Some of them go, quite literally, vertical.

We only ran into two problems with our Ranger. The first was that it is very long and a few places we couldn't go. We couldn't make the turns because of a turn with a tree blocking us from making it. The other reason was that a few places would high center our Ranger. These were mainly at the top of very steep hills. Thankfully we could tell where those places were because previous riders had scraped it flat.

There was plenty of mud.

And a big creek to cool off  in.

There was a shower house.

And Saturday night a live band played. The kids loved it! Baby enjoyed dancing around.

And Buddy went everywhere we went. He was in heaven. If we even got near the Ranger he jumped on, ready to go.

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