Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mr Farmer Gets Funny

I will start this post by telling you that Mr Farmer would never say anything to intentionally hurt me. He does, however, say things that he never thinks would hurt me. He doesn't always see how his words can be taken in a different way.

This personality quirk makes for great fun on my part as it gives me something to pretend to "hold over him". I say pretend because I know he couldn't hurt me so I can't really be mad at him.

One such example happened last night. I can't remember whether it was a song or something on tv, but the phrase "Her body has more curves than a country road" was used. That's probably a paraphrase.

Anyway, I turned to my loving husband and told him, "My body is like a country road." To which, he agreed. I went on to further explain it was like a country road because of all the hills and curves.

And he responded...

" Oh. I thought you meant full of potholes."

Ummmm. What?

I laughed so loud I thought I'd wake the kids. I was still giggling hours later when we went to bed.

Then I told him today that I was writing this post. He said he thought of last night's conversation as he was headed down a country road today in the semi. He said he thought of how it was like me. He told me it was a beautiful drive, but full of potholes. And if he didn't take it slow it would beat him to death.

Just like me.

Now, now ladies, there's no point in fighting. He's all mine.


  1. Well, if I can't have him, can I at least hug him? OK, will you hug him for me?

    1. I will definitely hug him for you, Granny. But he may say I feel older than you look.