Sunday, May 12, 2013

Quotes From Baby

This weekend Baby produced two of my favorite quotes from her this year.

The first. 

"I want to ingest popcorn so bad!"

This was in response to a conversation where I was telling her she could smell popcorn and could even lick it, but she just couldn't ingest it. For some reason, popcorn makes her really sick almost immediately. She's learning how to deal with not being able to have one of her favorite snacks.

And second.

 "Mom, did you know dogs fart?"

That one came out of nowhere as we were planting some flowers.

Neither one of these quotes was said in a humorous way. I, however, found them extremely funny!


  1. My dogs don't. Really! And if someone should happen to let one anywhere near them, they act completely disgusted and move away....which we find extremely funny! Our old Lab didn't let them either. Once, in the car, he accidentally let one fly, and he immediately sat on it and gave his hindquarters a glaring look. That was hilarious!

    I'm sure glad popcorn doesn't make me sick. Maybe you could buy her some of those popcorn flavored jelly beans.

    1. We had a dog once that would jump up and chase his back end looking for that suspicious sound.

      Poor Baby. She would sit and eat popcorn for hours. I may look into the jelly beans. Of course, she doesn't really need the sugar. To replace the popcorn when we eat it, she gets pretzel rods or some other treat.