Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beautiful Surroundings

I took a couple of pictures of the few blooming plants here on the farm.

These are some of my tulips. They were here when we moved here 10 years ago. I transplanted them to a better location and they are thriving. I've planted others, but they have all but vanished over the years.

These are some of my peony plants. It is the earliest blooming variety here and has a fern-like foliage. The flowers smell like roses and even look like an old-fashioned rose. I have divided and transplanted these to five different places around my gardens and they have grown beautifully. Mr Farmer was even upset when I removed the original plant to divide and move. He didn't need to worry as the original plant has popped back up and grown into a nice-sized peony bush. I find it almost impossible to kill or completely remove a peony plant! Another thing I like about this variety is that the blooms are so light they don't flop over with the slightest amount of rain like others do.

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