Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Boy Has Girls Figured Out

The other day, the Boy was standing next to me. He starts up a conversation with me with this sentence.

"Mom, girls are weird."

I laughed and asked,"Why do you think girls are weird?"

"They just are. And they don't like to do fun stuff."

"Your sisters are girls. They like to ride four wheelers. They like to go exploring in the woods. They like to build things, and fish, and play in the dirt, and swim."


"Well aren't those fun things? Aren't they things boys like to do?"

"Yes, but girls are still weird."


He knows they're weird. He can't pinpoint why they're weird. I think he's come to the same conclusion most men have come to. And that opinion never changes.


What sets him apart from older men is this.

"Mom, I'm never going to kiss a girl."

His sisters laugh and Sissy tells him he has to kiss a girl when he gets married.

"No I don't."

"If you don't kiss your wife at your wedding, you're not married."

"Fine! I'll kiss her on my wedding day, but never again."

If only his sisters would think kissing was as gross as he does, Mr Farmer and I would rest easier!


  1. My boy told me just the other day, that he will not be having any daughters. Maybe he has figured out girls also.

    1. I much prefer raising boys to raising girls at this point. So much less drama!