Monday, May 13, 2013

My Mother's Day Surprise

Yesterday I received the funniest Mother's Day card I've ever gotten.

It was given to me by my Baby. She and Sissy worked hard on their cards. They drew. They colored. They tried several times to give them to me before Mother's Day because they were so proud of them.

Each time I stopped short of looking at them, telling the girls that they needed to keep them for Mother's Day.

The morning came. The girls rushed to get their cards and present them to me.

Sissy's card.

Then. Then Baby presented her card.

The front says, "Happy Mothers Day Mom."

The inside says, "I love you dad. Love Baby"

Did you see it?

"I love you DAD"

Happy Mother's Day to me. She offered to change it for me, but I thought this was so perfectly her. She loves her Daddy!

Part of my job as a mother is to make sure my kids love their dad and that they know how hard he works to provide for them and what an amazing father they have.

I think I've succeeded with Baby.

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