Sunday, October 7, 2012

We Did It

Well, we did it. We went and done did it. We bought a new toy. I went this week and brought it home. Then we promptly unloaded it and tore around the property as fast as possible. We had to put it through a real test on our land, over our bumpy trails, to see if it handled better than our last side by side vehicle.

It did! It also climbed some of our tiny, straight-up hills without even needing to be put in 4 wheel drive. We did a few jumps and got it off the ground. Mr Farmer scared the kids with his driving and at one point I said I would walk home.

He apologized to me, not the kids, for scaring me. I know he knows what he's doing, but I am the mother trying to keep my babies alive long enough to leave home! 

Did that sound loving and responsible? Really I was worried that I'd break my arm and not be able to blog.

Of course, each child was scared about something different. Baby didn't like the hill climbing. Sissy didn't like the hill climbing. And the Boy didn't like the hill climbing, fast driving, or fish-tailing. My boy said I was a better driver! He basically liked the jumps. 

We have found where we need to make some more trails, create another creek crossing, and we probably need more jumps.

I was amazed at how smooth the ride was, even going quickly over the bumps we would normally have to stop on.

But after all the squeals of laughter and big grins from everyone, Mr Farmer said he still wishes he had a Razr. But he wants to wait until they come out with a 1000cc version. He also said that he looks forward to driving the kids without me in the Ranger to slow him down. You see, he likes to terrify the kids, but he doesn't like to scare me.

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