Friday, October 12, 2012

Survival--The First Skill

Yesterday the kids disappeared for nearly two hours.

Most mothers would be worried about his, but not me. I used the unexpected free time to do some serious cleaning. I dusted, cleared, organized, cleaned, vacuumed, etc. I was giddy with excitement at being able to clean in a quiet, uninterrupted environment. Ok. Not quite giddy, but happy just the same.

Then, the Boy showed back up at the house. He wanted me to come out and look at something after supper. I told him we'd see and sent him back out to get his sisters for supper.

After supper, we loaded into the Ranger and headed out toward the vine garden area. The kids had walked all the way back there on their outing. Now, they were giddy. They couldn't wait to see what we thought of their adventurous afternoon's activities.

They directed us to a tree.

Can you see it? Sissy took me through their building process.

They did quite a lot of work this afternoon. Mr Farmer and I were both quite impressed with their work and resourcefulness. I love to see them use their minds and creativity and really enjoy themselves. I also like to see that they pay attention to the survival shows we watch and and try to replicate what they see. Better survival skills than some of the other trash they could be watching and mimicking!


  1. Good for them! I always love seeing what the girls create when no one is watching! I miss being able to send them outside to play for hours on end, but I know eventually we'll be back in an area where they can have a yard.

    1. I wondered how you dealt with that. I would go nuts, and do, if the kids couldn't get away from me some and play.

    2. They go up 2 flights of stairs and play in their toyroom. It's far enough away that we really can't hear each other & I've pretty much decided that's the 1 room in the house that I don't care how it looks.