Friday, October 12, 2012

The Fall Festival

Today was freezing! Literally.

We headed out at 6:30 while it was still dark. It was also only 27 degrees. As the sun came up, I could see the frost on everything. I've always thought the frost on things was pretty. I had to stop and take pictures of the frost on the bright red sumac.

We stopped at a garage sale on the way down. It was not run the way I did mine! They wanted new prices for their old stuff. I don't get it. I think of a garage sale as a way to get rid of stuff I no longer want or need. The money is just a benefit. When I went by later, they still had most of what they had when I stopped in that morning. Anyway. To each their own.

Back to our regularly scheduled post.

I set up my booth. You could tell some of the booths were people who did this more professionally. Their tables all matched, as did their table cloths. Their things were all organized in coordinating totes and containers. They had nice bags to put their products in when they were purchased.

This is not how my booth went. They probably had a similar thought to mine of the above garage sale. "What is this woman thinking? She looks like some street vendor hillbilly selling her wares." I should have worn my hillbilly teeth.

The proceeds for the fall fest go towards rebuilding an historical caboose in town. They get their money through vendor tables ($15 fee), donations for lunch, raffles, an auction, and this.

Men who dress up as women. They go around and collect money for who people think is the best. Whomever collects the most is the winner. The money collected is donated to the cause. This particular man cracked me up. He was out there in this itty bitty mini shirt with his white chicken legs and tennis shoes. And did I mention how cold it was?

All in all, it was a successful day. The people in this small community like hillbilly street vendors and their wares. After all, I lost most of my teeth by eating this good food!

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