Wednesday, October 10, 2012

If Only She Wasn't Dead- Pt.2

It's me, Mr Farmer. I told you I'd write a follow-up post.

I wanted to tell you all the things I miss about my wife.

I really want a cinnamon roll right now while I'm watching tv, and she's not here to get it for me. I miss that.

She's not here to dry off my back after my shower, so my shirts are wet. I miss dry shirts.

I make fun of her chair, but it doesn't talk back like she did. I miss making fun of her.

The kids always asked her the questions. Now they ask me. I miss them only knowing the name, "Mom".

She did all the grocery shopping. I ran out of food yesterday. I miss food.

She always found good tv shows for me to watch. I don't even know how to work the remote, so I'm stuck watching infomercials. I miss tv shows where I'm not asked to buy something.

I hate cats! My wife fed them every morning and kept them out of my way when I went out to feed the chickens. Now I have to step on them and kick them out of the way. I love punting them! But I hate feeding them. And the kids will cry if the cats die because I don't feed them.

I'm glad she thought to write this post for me before she died because I have no idea how to work this computer thingy.

The end.

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