Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We Sold The Garage!

No, wait! That's not right.

We had a garage sale. Yep, that's better. We had a garage sale this weekend.

We put up signs in town and advertised in the paper. As a help for someone looking for our place, we described it as "the red barn".

Here are a couple of photos of said red barn. I had to show this to you before my story.

One guy came in and said, "Where's the red barn?" And another said, "Is this the red barn?" Neither one of these men was kidding around. That's what made it so funny.

 I should have pointed them toward this barn. I know the hens would have sold them their wares-- eggs, straw hats, pretties made of feathers, etc. They are very entrepreneurial, those hens.

Friday was very busy and we sold about 3/4 of all we had. Here is a before picture. I set up a table for my handmade soaps and the girls' cookies. They wanted to do a bake sale. We should have made more cookies. They went fast!

We stayed busy all day.

Then came Saturday. I only had two customers come through, but I made $80, so it was worth it. You get tempted to say it isn't worth it to stay open for two people, but if someone said they'd pay you $80 to sit there for a couple of hours, you'd probably jump at it.

All in all, the sale was a huge success! When I have a garage sale, I want to sell things. So, I mark them really cheap. That way I don't have to pack it all back up. I really had very little left over and most of it was clothing that I bagged up to take to the local Goodwill. I only had one little, half-full box to bring back in, a lamp, and a set of McCoy soup dishes. I am very pleased. And we made over $750! Now we can insulate my new shop!

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