Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Everybody's Baking For The Weekend--Pt. 1

This post is part of a 3 part series. Enjoy.

Or maybe it's just me. We have an Octoberfest in my parent's hometown this weekend and I am planning to set up a table.

I will be selling breads, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and soaps.

So, to prepare for the weekend, I am going to be a baking fool for a couple of days. I plan to bake 12 loaves of fresh-ground, honey whole wheat bread, 6 loaves of 7-grain bread, 4 pans of cinnamon rolls, and  dozens of various cookies (monster, peanut butter kisses, rolled sugar cut-outs, and black-eyed susans).

That's the plan, anyway. The rest of this post will show progress of this plan. I will warn you, it may contain a dead body at the end. Mine! I will try, however, to make sure the picture taker makes me presentable. Well, as presentable as he can. He's no miracle worker, you understand. 

Here is how it went. Thursday, I baked all the cookies, made buttercream frosting, frosted the cookies, and packaged them all up.

Then I died. The family rolled me to the shower and then to bed. I think. I slept through it.

Friday, I started earlier. I made the cinnamon roll dough first because it had to rest for an hour. Then I started the first batch of bread. As the bread was raising, I finished the cinnamon rolls. As they were raising in the pans, I baked the first batch of 6 loaves of bread. The cinnamon rolls went in next to bake. Then the next batch of bread was made and baked. After the second batch, I rested for a bit.

With my rest time over, I was back at it for the final batch of bread. Once all the loaves were cooled, I bagged them up and put my business cards on the packages.

Am I done, yet? Nope! Now I get to load up the truck for the morning. We need to leave by 6:30am so I want to have everything ready the night before.

The remainder of this post is being written by someone other than the dead woman in the kitchen.  We step over her to get to the kitchen. At least she left us all this yummy food when she died. She was a good woman. 

And she's finally quiet!

 Unfortunately, she didn't clean up before she died. Now we're going to have to bulldoze the house.

Thanks for reading Mrs Farmer's final post. I will try to post some of my own in the future.

Thank you.

Good bye.

You can go now.



  1. I like this blog A LOT. You are very funny!

    1. Thank you, Paula. I appreciate knowing my humor comes through a bit in my writing.