Monday, December 23, 2013

Come Play With Me

The kids went outside the other day to play in the snow. They went up into their tree house. Buddy couldn't get up there. So he waited.

"I know they're up there. I wish they'd come down and play with me."

"What's this? I see movement."

"Be careful, Baby. You can't play with me if you're hurt."

"This isn't quite what I had in mind."


  1. I'll play with you Buddy! Come live with me!

    You knew I was going to say that, didn't you Langela?

    1. Winter time is so hard on him since the kids don't get out as often as in the summer. When they do get out, he races around the yard like a mad dog. it's so fun to watch him.

      And you still can't have him, Granny! He was barking last night out on the porch. I turned on the light and looked outside to see what he was barking at. The cats were in his doghouse, spread out, so he didn't have anywhere to to lay down. He eventually ended up in there, so he probably just walked in and stepped on anyone in his way since they didn't listen when asked politely. He doesn't mind them snuggling up to him once he's in there, though. He's not stupid! :)

  2. To cute!!! yeah, I've got some time on my hands some so I can catching up on my blogs! lol I've missed them!

    1. And catch up you did! I love the first photo of him sitting on the log waiting for any sign of the kids.