Monday, May 19, 2014

A Home Restaurant

A few days ago, Sissy and I were at an auction. The younger two kids stayed home and Mr Farmer got home after work (noon on a Saturday). He came home to Baby's restaurant. She had a sign on the doorway.

She also had menus made up for dad, the Boy, and herself- each labeled with their individual names.

She let them order. The boy ordered the Ramen noodles. Baby told him she wasn't making that and he had to have the peanut butter and jelly. So did dad. She then told him it was going to be slow getting their order. Mr Farmer asked why since he and the Boy were the only ones in there. She replied, "I was swamped earlier and I'm still recovering." That's my baby. She has a quick wit, especially for her age.


  1. You snooze you and sissy lose. I am quiet sure you missed a good meal from a great cook. Good job Baby, maybe someday you will have your own restaurant. How cute! :-)

    1. Don't worry, we've had many more before and since then.

  2. Too cute! I love that she doesn't take any crap off the customers! lol I love her witty come back too. That's my kind of girl!