Monday, May 26, 2014

It Has Begun

The gardens have been planted, except for the pumpkins. We wait a bit for those so they are ready in the fall and not too soon.

Tomatoes. There are 10 plants in here.  I have Mr Stripey and Oxheart. I've had good luck with both varieties. The Mr Stripey are sweet and huge, pinkish with yellow stripes. The Oxheart are excellent producers, huge pinkish-red, and very few seeds.

The strawberry bed. There are already blooms and one tiny green strawberry.

The herb garden, with some new additions. This year I found cinnamon basil. It smells like black licorice. Yummm. I also planted two types of sage, some other basil, some asparagus roots, and sugar snap peas on the trellis.

This bed has two cherry tomato plants, two pepper plants, cucumbers on both trellises, spinach, and radishes.

 Here is one of my cucumbers coming up. It's Green Ice. I was told they don't get bitter no matter how big they get, do great in warmer weather, and have very few seeds.

 This is all that's left of the toilet paper seed mats I made and posted about, after only one rain.

I'll post pictures of the other tomato garden by the shop and the big vine garden out back later.


  1. Not a single one of our strawberries have come up this year at all. Not sure what's up with that, very disappointing. I love the sound of the Oxhearts. Have you used them to make sauce before?

    1. Only a few of our strawberries came up, so we added more this spring. I use the Oxhearts almost exclusively for my sauce since I get so many of them. They're nice since they have so few seeds in them.

  2. Looking good Langela, I just got our garden in this past weekend too. This is the latest I have gotten it in. The weather just kept my ground too wet to rototill.

    1. It was just too cold here for anything to survive or thrive until lately. Things are growing great now, though.