Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Garden Update

The gardens are coming along. I planted a celery plant last year and never had anything to harvest, so I let it go to seed. This year I have so many volunteer celery plants everywhere. I'm hoping I can harvest something this time around.

I also have many volunteer marigolds.

This year I planted a "Goliath" marigold. The flowers are HUGE! This one is literally bigger than my hand. My fingers did not come close to coming out on the other side of the flower head.

My Oxheart tomatoes are already getting lots of green tomatoes even though they started out as pretty tiny plants.

The Mr. Stripey tomatoes are bigger plants and have plenty of blooms.

There are nice cherry tomatoes growing. I can't wait!

The cucumbers are slowly growing. I love cukes!

I planted two asparagus plants this spring and they are growing nicely. They are in between the bricks.


  1. I enjoyed your garden update. I have never seen marigolds that huge! It appears you have had plenty of rain this year as your grass is nice and green. We have had more that sufficient. Our pond and streams are brimming to the top.

    1. I never had either. Now they are absolutely full of flower heads! And the volunteers are blooming, too. I think we are officially out of the drought we've been in for the past couple of years.