Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Flower Beds

Here are some pretty pictures of the flower beds around the house and yard. Please take special note of my expertise in growing dandelions in the grass. I don't limit their beauty to the yard, though. I also sow them in all my flower beds, driveway, and every crack available everywhere.

The hens are happy with a clean coop. The warmer, drier weather allowed the kids to clean it out and put in fresh hay.


  1. Your yard looks awesome! I love your genuine craftyness in the dirt! :-)

  2. I like your metal peacock. We have one called a firebird...the body is made out of a caged ceiling sprinkler piece...bought at an art fair.

    Isn't spring nice when all these flowers start to show up? We are having blooming trees now, like the lilac and the bridal veil spireas and the flowering crabs. Purple, pink and white everywhere.

    Do you use your dandelions for anything (other than decoration)? You can make dandelion soon as the dandelions burst out have your children pick all the yellow tops, a couple gallons worth. We do this, but it is one of those drop everything else and do this now type activity. In fact my son's wedding was the 24th and on Mon the 19th the temp went up and the dandelions came out. So we had to take care of it right then, no matter what.

    1. I had the kids pick dandelions one year for jelly, but never got it made. Now every year they ask to do it. Spring just seems to be so busy here and it never gets done. Plus, I have so many different wild berries and fruit to make into jellies and we don't eat that much jelly, so it's not a priority to make the dandelion jelly.