Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Gardens

Yesterday I showed you three of my five veggie gardens. There are two more. This one is what I call the shop garden because it's behind our shop. I thought of the name all by myself.

 Enough bragging.

 In here, I planted four tomatoes. They were all in the same container when I got them from the greenhouse and labeled as "Oxheart". I believe three of the four are Oxheart. The fourth is bearing fruit that looks completely different. What do you think? At any rate, all four are very prolific.


Oxheart wanna be

As you can see, all of these are loaded, too. Even the wanna be Oxheart.

This is my single Stevia plant. I've never gotten one to grow, so I'm excited about this one. I have a new steam juicer that also does herbs, so I'll be using it on this baby.

More tomatoes.

Also in this garden is what's left of my lettuces. The spinach has already been pulled.

Tune in for post two today, where I introduce you to my south garden.
Nutmeg Gardener, there will be plenty of wide open spaces.


  1. Ha! You have a "shop garden" and a "south garden". I have a "shed garden", a "kennel garden", a "fence garden", a "north garden" and an "east garden". See, I can make up original names, too!

    My tomatoes should be so loaded. It seems like everyone is having a good tomato year.

    1. I also have a "tomato garden" and the "other gardens". I think I lose points on originality with the last ones, though.