Saturday, June 30, 2012

Baby Turns 7!

 I need to start this post by telling you that I am NOT a mushy mother. I want my kids to be independent and leave home as soon as is legal. Just kidding. Kind of.

Seven years ago I had suffered through 3 months of bedrest, the last month of which was spent in a hospital 2 hours from home. At home were Mr. Farmer, 4 year old Sissy, and 3 year old Boy. Mr Farmer had to work full time, coordinate and transport the kids for the day, and come visit me on Wednesdays and for the weekend. The hospital and doctors were awesome and even brought in air beds for my kids to sleep on during their weekend stays. Yes, our family was together for the weekends in the hospital. They had a playground and satellite tv, so it worked. I was allowed out of bed in a wheelchair for one hour per day, so that's when we went to the playground and I got to feel the sun on my face. During the week, I had an aid take me down to the gift shop for my free time or I went down and got in a hot tub. As wonderful as all that sounds, I wasn't home and I was sad.

(I'd go back in a minute these days!)
The day came and I was still three weeks early, but my protein levels were too high and it was time. I had a beautiful baby girl. My first pregnancy as the other two kids were adopted, so everything was new to me. I had a perfect baby!

She cries at sad movies, sad commercials, and was even crying at these pictures of her and her Daddy. She LOVES her Daddy.
She is so independent, smart, inquisitive, helpful, sassy, loving, tender-hearted, and  perfect. I love her with all of  my being and will until the day I die. She will always be my baby.

Happy birthday, Baby!

Mushiness over and out.


  1. Happy BD Baby!! She sure is a cutie pie!

    I went through one of those pregnancies too...not fun!

    1. It was the deciding factor in whether to have any more or not. We chose not. Because of other more serious complications, the fear of leaving my husband alone to raise all the kids was too great.

      Glad we got the chance to have one, anyway.

  2. Happy birthday, Baby! But I think your mom is going to have to change your name to "Big Girl".

    You were such a beautiful baby, and you're growing into a very beautiful little girl.

    1. Baby says, "Thank you, Granny." (with a shy smile)

  3. Happy Birthday! Baby is such a cutie - and I think she looks like a handful! (I love the messy face picture!)

    I too had a really hard time having my two boys. Being pregnant wasn't bad, but we had a lot of miscarrages (two at 20 weeks). We chose to stop trying for the same reason you did. I wanted to see my boys grow up more than I wanted another baby.

  4. She had no idea how that peanut butter got on her hands.

    Yep, we were good with the three we had. We were actually fine with the two we adopted. It was like God's stamp of approval on the first two. If I'd had any kids, we wouldn't have adopted. And I got pregnant almost right after our son was adopted.

  5. Langela, you have every right to be mushy! Kids are precious and happy birthday to your Baby! They grow up so quickly (mine are in their 30's and I still can't believe it) and they are God's gift to you whichever way He sends them.Love the pictures!

  6. I just don't tend to be that kind of person, but something about her brings it out in me sometimes. Except when she gets smart with me. Yesterday I asked her to go turn on the hose for me. She said, "No. I'm playing." She has never refused to be helpful, so I was shocked. I told her, "I remember when you used to be so helpful." To which she replied, "That must have been last year." That little stinker! :)