Monday, July 2, 2012

Let's Pretend

Today we will do some pretending.  

Starting here. We will pretend my flowers look like this again this year.

Instead of like this.

Let's pretend that Buddy sleeps here.

Instead of here.

And Mrs. Puff would like us to pretend that she is a big, bad, flower-squishing dog.

"Ruff. Ruff. Growl."



  1. Oh, Buddy, Puff and Kiss....I love them as if they were my own!

    1. Oh, Granny! We came home from church yesterday and found Kiss had gotten his leg stuck between the lp tank and grill. I don't know how long he was there. We thought that we might have to put him down. I said we'd give him until today to see how he was doing. I hate to see animals suffer, especially babies. His leg hung funny and he just kept trying to back himself into a corner and get comfortable. I felt so sorry for him, but he never cried out in pain or complained when I picked him up. This morning he is able to limp around pretty quickly and is eating and drinking. His leg hangs correctly again. I think he's going to be fine. He was just sore, and who wouldn't be!

    2. Awwww, that brought tears to my eyes. Give him a nice cuddle from Granny, and let him know he is loved.

    3. I will. He is being babied and isn't sure he cares much for it. He'd rather be out and about.

    4. It's funny that I feel such an attachment for your animals! Kiss has been my desktop wallpaper ever since you sent me the photo :-) Buddy (in the planter) was there for a long time.

    5. I know. I just kept thinking yesterday, "What will I say to Granny if I have to put him down?"

      We live on a farm, so we are realists when it comes to animals. We know some will die prematurely, but we love them so much while they are with us.