Friday, July 20, 2012

Barn Bathroom Door

The bathroom in the barn is the main area we have worked on so far. It's important to have a working toilet when doing work away from the house! One of the first things we made was this.



It's a sliding door on a track. We made the door itself from barn wood from the old barn that once sat here. The ring handle and the lock were also finds from the old barn.

Mr Farmer made the straps from flat iron that he forged over our turkey fryer. Then he laid the hot steel over the hitch of his pickup and shaped it. He likes finding ways to make things without buying the correct equipment. He thinks it makes things look more handmade. He's right. I also like that we use things found around most people's homes so that others can try it if they want.

We purchased the rollers in the garage door section of our local hardware store. They are for garage doors and would roll on the garage door tracks. He wanted the kind with a ball bearing in the center hole rather than just a hole. These were that majority of the cost of the door as they were $10 each.

The track was a piece of scrap he got from work. He gets lots of scrap from the packaging that equipment comes in. You should see all the nuts and bolts that are made just to ship things and meant to be thrown out!

And there you have it. A rustic, handmade door for less than $30. You can purchase these types of tracks, but they cost several hundreds of dollars just for the track and rollers. Or you can make your own with a turkey fryer and trailer hitch!

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