Monday, July 16, 2012

The Messy Truth

I imagine most of you reading this already know how to peel your tomatoes. But just in case one person doesn't, here is how I do it.

First, take a whole lotta tomatoes. Get a pot full of boiling water. And a large bowl of ice water. Also a bowl for finished tomatoes and a bucket for compost.

Add a few tomatoes to the boiling water and leave in until skin splits or for a minute or two.


The peels just slip right off. I cut out the heart.

Yes, you will have juice dripping from your elbows.

Then cut them into quarters or smaller if your tomato is huge.

Scoop them into containers for the freezer.

And finally, clean up your drippy mess from the counters, walls, cabinets, ceiling, and floor.


Mr Farmer was going to help peel and quarter. This is how much he did before realizing it was messy. One tomato! Then he gave up and helped do everything else. With his help, it was done in no time.

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