Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Berries and the Country Kidz

We have a rather large patch of wild blackberries out back. Some is on our property and some is on the other side of the fence on CRP land. CRP land is land that the government pays the owner to leave undeveloped and unfarmed. It also means there are lots of wild berries, wild flowers, and wild life. We  love it.

We load up on the Kawasaki Mule and head out back, Buddy leading the way.

To the back fence.

Past our huge mulberry tree that was entirely fruitless this year.
The older two hop the fence.

The reason Baby stayed on this side of the fence is the berry bushes are smaller. She still got stuck.

I think I caught the older two saying," Na na nana na. Ours are bigger over here."

I love these next two photos.

The next photo is the reason we have to leave some behind.

See the poison ivy on the left and the small blackberry on the right?

We also found a couple of black raspberries. It's hard to see in the photo, but these have a bluish film on them. They also come off like a cap rather than with the stem as the blackberries do.

We also stopped and picked choke cherries. On this tree a wild grape covers most of the tree. See the green grapes next to the unripe choke cherries?

Buddy got too hot waiting on us and hitched a ride back on the Mule.

He usually waits for me to stop before getting off, but he was really hot and needed a drink. He jumped off the moving mule and hopped in his pond.

Just a few wild flowers on one of our paths.


  1. Lovely blackberries! Our favorite patch was along a highway near us and the state mowed it down last year! Boo-hoo! We are now looking for new sources of those wonderful berries.

    1. That's too bad about your patch. I just finished 15 pints of blackberry jam. And there's still more out there!

  2. Beautiful...the perfect life. What a great place to raise a family!

    1. The kids are the ones begging to go out and pick. They also said they don't care if they get poison ivy as long as I let them go out further into the field to pick "the really big ones".

      The older we get, the more we realize how wonderful our life is here. I hope we never have to leave.