Monday, July 23, 2012

Dog Days Of Summer

 It has been so hot lately that we have taken pity on the pup. He barks at the door to be let in. When we let him in, he flops onto the vinyl floor as if he can't make it one more step.

Then, we forget about him.

Then Mr Farmer comes home and finds him on the carpet. Buddy isn't allowed on the carpet.

Mr Farmer has a talk with Buddy.

Buddy listens attentively but remains on the carpet.

Mr Farmer has to get tough.


Buddy tries to hide.


"Sir, kind sir. Please forgive me for my tresspasses. I'm a good and loyal dog who lives to keep your family safe. I protect your chickens. I rarely harass your cats, except for the striped one who shall remain nameless. And you'd have to admit, he deserves it. Do you know he tries to eat my food? And the way he walks across the yard as if he owns the place. I just can't let that slide. What's that? The carpet? Get off?"

"I'm invisible. I'm invisible."

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