Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Steamy Kitchen

This year for my birthday I received a steam juicer. 

Here are the parts to it. First is the base that the water for boiling goes into.

Next, is the part that the juice drains into and out of.

Third, is part of the juice containment basin. It's the surgical tubing and clamp that allow you to drain the juice out of the basin while it's still juicing.  You can drain right into your canning jars if you want. I usually drain into a large glass measuring cup and then make my jelly while everything is hot.

And the last piece is the colander where your fruit or vegetables or herbs go. You can actually juice carrots and other vegetables with herbs to make your own veggie drinks. I haven't yet tried that, but will in the future. In the photo are some choke cherries. I have also done elderberries that were in the freezer from last summer. It gave me the most beautiful juice that I turned into jelly. Delicious!

Then it's topped off with the lid.


There are aluminum versions, but I went with the little more expensive stainless steel one. The price difference wasn't much and this beauty only cost about $50. For me, it was worth it just to juice the elderberries. They are so tiny and mostly seed and this made such easy work of them.

The steam juicer, a country girl must-have. 

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