Friday, July 13, 2012

And...Wait For It.....

Wait for it. 

Yep. There are more tomatoes. Another 4.84 pounds for Wednesday's picking.

The back row are Oxhearts. The middle ones are mixed- Early Goliath, Early Girl, and Brandywine.

I was on another short trip to Tn. Thursday so I didn't pick until Friday night. When I got home I picked first thing. It's what I was waiting for. 

Another 19.47 pounds! 

This was the largest of the pick. It's off of the Oxheart wannabe plant. A plant that is in the shop garden with the other Oxhearts and was grown and labeled as Oxheart, but looks completely different. It weighed in at 1.27 pounds!
Something, birds I think, got to a couple of the Mr. Stripey and Brandywines before I did. They left most of it for me, but they also left little peck marks. I have not picked the cherry varieties tonight as I was just too tired. There are so many of them again! I will get to them in the morning. Tomorrow I will probably get this first 40 pounds skinned, quartered, and in the freezer. And then I may die. In a sticky tomato juice puddle on the floor. Death by tomatoes, what a way to go. 

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