Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Say Tomato, You Say Tomato

It doesn't quite sound the same when it's in writing, does it?

The tomatoes have slowed a bit and I have slowed down in showing them to you. I'm still getting roughly 5-6 pounds every day or two.

Several were over a pound a piece!

I have also been bringing in the zucchini. We have eaten quite a few, made some blueberry zucchini bread, and given several away to family.

The other day I found these two acorn squash. The green one I was aware of and had been watching. It was the first one to emerge. The yellow one? I found the yellow one. It was a later emerging one so I can't figure out why it is yellow. Any ideas? I've never grown them before so maybe it's normal. I just have never seen a yellow acorn squash. It is still solid, like the green one. Is it still good or should I give it to the chickens?

And now for a couple of photos of hot cats and flower gardens.

This is one of the beds right outside of the shop.

From this angle, the kittens look as big as mama, but they aren't. They aren't nearly as fluffy as they were before the hot weather, either. I hope the fluffiness grows back when things cool down.

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