Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Secret Life

Did you guess correctly?

Oh! I haven't told you yet, have I?

Who guessed that I used to ride buffaloes bare back in nothing but flip-flops and a bikini?

No one?

Would you believe that I was raised by monkeys?


Fine. My secret isn't nearly as exciting as those other options. Before we had kids, Mr. Farmer and I drove semi as a team. I drove a big rig. We drove mainly down south on I-10, from LA to Atlanta. 

Hello? Are you still trying to picture me on that buffalo? Quit it! It isn't that funny!

So these last couple of days were a bit nostalgic. I didn't do any driving, of course. But it was so nice being in the cab of a big truck again, sailing across the roads. The time just flew by! Total we drove just over 1000 miles. We used to drive that much every day, but it took us two days as I didn't do any of the driving.

Now on to some photos.

Mr. Farmer.

The view from the window in front of me.

This is what truckers hate to see. The "OPEN" on the weigh station sign.

The first load of Granny's onions.

The interstate cut through lots of rock.

This next sign took me by surprise. We were taking a bypass around St. Louis and saw...
Blasting zone ahead. In the middle of St. Louis?!?

Yep. Apparently they are getting ready to widen the road and need to blast out the stone. We drove through about 20 minutes after they blasted. The boulders and rubble actually were pushing up against the concrete barriers.

These next couple of photos are something not seen here in Iowa. It's a vine that blankets EVERYTHING in its path.

It made the trees and rocks look like statues. It was just fascinating.

 I get to go again this Thursday and Friday. Hooray!

Sorry for the picture quality. I was taking these from a vehicle going roughly 70pmh. I thought the camera did a decent job, anyway. 


  1. Oh, that was funny....Granny's onions :-D

    Hey, our AZ home was right off of I-10. You could have hopped off the freeway at Quartzsite, AZ and been just 25 miles from my door!

    1. We were actually based in Phoenix. I never thought I could live in a desert, but Phoenix was beautiful! If I had to live south somewhere, it would be in Phoenix.

      Yes, I thought of you when I saw those onions!

  2. Boy, Granny must be making a killing from that onion harvest!

    I was actually thinking that maybe you were a truck driver. I really was. My step-father was a truck driver and my ex and I owned a good size trucking company. I've driven a few miles too!

  3. Both of my parents and my brother-in-law were drivers, too. I think it gets in your blood. I quit to stay home. I'm a homebody. I have tomatoes to think of, after all.