Thursday, July 12, 2012

Monkey Business

The other day Mr. Farmer and I took Baby to the zoo in DesMoines.

This big tortoise was my favorite. He posed so nicely for the camera. And he held so still. And he made no quick movements so I wouldn't have to worry about blurry pictures. He was so considerate! 

Though his version of "show me your pearly whites" differed a bit from mine.

This cutie kept going up and down the glass. I love his little face. It looks like he was smiling for the camera, too.

This huge guy walked around like he was king. In fact, I saw him trample a toddler and then some poor old lady with a cane. He didn't even stop and ask if they were ok. He just poked around in their pockets for money before moving on to his next "mark".

We fell in love with this 'joey' and took her home with us.

I rode a camel! But only halfway around the track. Then Cotton layed down and refused to get up saying, "I'll get up when the woman gets off! And not a moment before."

I had to fight off this hippo. He lured Baby in with the promise of candy stuck in his teeth. Those hippos can be so devious.

This is one bug I'm glad is in the zoo. I don't think I could squish him. My veggies wouldn't stand a chance!

I had a hard time getting good photos through the fences. My camera kept focusing on the fence rather than beyond on the animal. This Macaque thought it was quite funny.


It was a fun day with Baby, while the older two were at camp. But we barely made it out with Mr. Farmer. They kept insisting he was an exhibit. Only when he showed them his license did they agree he could leave. Whew!

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