Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Saucey Day

I made sauce today. Lots of sauce.
I label it as spaghetti sauce, but we use it for pizza sauce and bread stick dipping sauce, too.

And for guzzling down when there's no time for dinner.

Not really. 


Let's get started, shall we?

First up is some very appetizing ground beef.

Next are some tomatoes from the garden last summer.
In a yellow bowl like half of America owns.

Then I brought in some of my Candy Apple Red onions that are pitifully small due to early harvesting as a result of the wind. Oh how I would have loved to see these beauties full size.

 I use a chopper to make very quick work of the onions.

I cooked the onions with the beef and drained.

I didn't have enough tomatoes so I added in some puree and then some paste.

Divided into two pots.

All my spices. Not shown are sugar, chile powder, salt, pepper, and lemon juice.

And some dried oregano from last year's garden.

I added some water and cooked it all to let the flavors combine.

And the final product is 13 quarts and 12 pints of sauce. Plus enough to use over spaghetti for supper tonight.



  1. I really need to invest in a pressure canner. I always freeze my seasoned sauce, but my freezers don't have a lot of room left for this year's tomato stuff, what with all the green beans and squash that will be coming on soon.

    1. I used to freeze mine, too. I like having the option of last minute meals. I couldn't do that when they were frozen. Plus I, too, have much more shelf space than freezer space.

  2. I've been thinking about getting a pressure canner too one of these days.I like how you think ahead and make your own "convenience" food, as this sauce. It's a big help with the budget isn't it? One thing I like to do is make meatballs in a very large batch, bake them and then freeze. They are handy then for pasta, grinders (the New England name for submarine sandwiches), for Swedish meatballs, etc. But, as both you and Granny point out, freezer space is at such a premium!

    1. Mr. Farmer pointed out that I need to make some lasagna. I usually make up a couple in advance (without cooking the noodles) and freeze them. Then I just thaw and bake as usual.

  3. Boy, that's a lot of sauce! It sure will come in handy.

    I too need to buy a pressure canner before the can-can starts around here. I don't think we will have enough room in the freezer if I don't.

    1. We love it. I started doing it with a recipe, but now I just kinda throw in whatever. Pressure canners are awesome. I have a flat/ glass top stove so I use a turkey fryer to set my canner on. I keep it right outside the door so the heat is not in the house. It works wonderfully. Maybe when this stove gives out I will get a gas stove.