Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Finally Free!

The weather finally turned nice and we were able to get outdoors to do some spring clean up. Last week I was able to get the flower beds around the house all clipped and raked. The kids love clipping things. They each take a pair of some sort of clippers and help clean up the old growth from last year. Then, we rake and pick it up.

I also brought up compost and put it in the raised garden beds. The hens had scratched so much of it out in their quest to get their dirt baths. Then, the kids dug around searching for all my worms so they could go fishing. I had the kids level out the compost. Now, I need to get my potatoes and some sugar snap peas finally planted. I've never planted potatoes, so it will be interesting. 

It has been several years since we put down mulch in the flower beds, and it shows. The beds are in really sad shape. So, Sunday I went into town and bought 65 bags of mulch. Looking at it now, I don't think it will be enough, but it was all they had.

I came home and filled two of the tree rings. Instant gratification! Then, I went to work on the bed next to the driveway. Part of the retaining wall had fallen over and needed to be dug out and put back together. I also had to remove some soil and clean things up a bit more. Then, I added the red mulch. I ooohed and aaahed every time I looked over that way. I just looks so much better!

Mr Farmer wanted to re-do the flower bed right in front of the front porch. He wanted it to be more of a planter box, raised up from the porch rather than level with it. He hopes it will stop the kids and animals from using the bed as a thoroughfare. I told him, "Good luck with that!" The kids will always step on and through it. Anyway, we found some old, used landscape timbers and set to work. I'm so lucky to have Mr Farmer! He's amazing to watch work work with!

And a few hours later, we had a flower box built. I added in some soil and we cleaned up for the night.

Next up is the bed by the back patio. We got rain last night, but it's supposed to be 75 today and then rain and snow the rest of the week, so I need to get things done today.

All finished.

Finally, we added two little plant areas next to the chicken coop. These spots were just ugly and needed something to spruce them up. We had to dig down to make sure the doors could still open all the way.

The concrete still needs to be washed off, but I figure the rain later in the week will do that for me. This area is always such a mess after the winter. The hens scratch around, hay comes out of the coop when it's open for them to free range, and just general muck collects there.


  1. Looks beautiful! I bought mulch in bags for my front flower bed, but it was hard to tell the color when it was in bags. The red looked a bit too red, so I went for brown. I don't like it! It will have to do for this year though, but next year I'll go to the nursery and get a pickup load of bark mulch, which is the perfect orangy red for my house, and add it over the top to hide the brown. I would have done that this time, but Son John's pickup was full of old wood we had him take out of our garage for disposal. We're going to have to give in and buy another pickup. Someday.

    1. I'll tell you, I'm pooped tonight! We got it all done before the rain. Mr Farmer said this would have to do for another ten years. I don't think it will make it that long. The only kind of bulk mulch around here is shredded pallets. I don't care for all the splinters I get from it. Plus it's easier for the kids and me to haul it around the house and yard. We went through 103 bags!

  2. I really enjoy reading your posts, they always brighten my day, even if they do put me to shame. LOL. I thought I was too worn out to do up the kitchen, but after reading all you've done lately, I think I have just enough left to clean up so the Husband can relax after he finally gets home. He's been putting in 15-18 hour days, poor guy, at least I finally made supper. First two nights this week I forgot to take meat out to thaw so we had to do soup nights. ;-)

    1. We had soup last night, but because it is cold and rainy outside. I always forget to lay out meat, though. Remember, I have three kids who are a huge help that help me get all my work done. It would take me a lot longer by myself. I also don't work an outside job, so I have lots more time. :)

    2. I use you as an inspiration, and I did get my dishes done, which does make me and the hubby happy, LOL. I am still amazed after so many years of working, how tired I can be when I don't feel like I do much more than sit in a chair all day. But I also know that I am not the natural extravert that I portray all day, so it really does take its toll on me. ;-) Miss you all!