Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Animals Are Thankful

The other day I posted about our adventures in mulching around the house and yard. Now I want to show you how much the cats appreciate the new litter boxes and beds.

Don't worry. I'm only going to show you how they appreciate the beds we put in for them. I'll let your imagination show you how they use the flower beds for a litter box. You're welcome.

 Sorry about bad quality of the picture of Buddy. I had to take the photo through the screen window so he wouldn't get up when he saw me.

I just hope they don't get too used to it. When the plants come up, the animals are out!


  1. That was so nice of you to make special beds just for the pets! They sure do appreciate it.

    1. I'm super awesome! The cats have made such a mess of the bed out front (mess= giant litterbox)