Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Drought Has Ended

In the last day or so we have had over 6 inches of rain. It literally thundered and lightninged  an entire 24 hours, non-stop. Our pond has recovered and is back up to where it should be. I'll bet the fish are glad to have more room again.

Because of all the rain, I had another adventure. What's more fun than wrestling greased pigs into tutus and leotards? Cleaning carpeting in a basement that's been flooded with muddy rain water! Good thing we went down last night and moved stuff out of the way, so I just had to clean the carpets and nothing got ruined.

Buddy was allowed inside during the storms because he has sensitive ears and it was very windy. Yes, we baby him. Today, however, he has been made to stay outside again. Like a dog. A dog who is muddy. He has taken to howling in order to be let in. Ok, I actually have been training him to howl to ask to come in, rather than just bark. I think it's funny to hear him howl. I'm weird. You should see what I make the kids do to ask to come inside.

We had an exciting event here yesterday. One of our cats, Mrs Puff, had her kittens. She had five but one died right away. The other four are doing well. She seems to be a wonderful mother. As pretty as she is, her kittens did not inherit her beauty. She had two orange tigers, an orange and white, and a black multi-colored. One of the orange ones is sooo tiny. I'm hoping it'll make it. It seems full of life, though. Here are some photos of it. The pictures can't really show you just how small it is. We have one more mama to go yet.

That's the happenings around here lately.


  1. Awww, precious little thing. I hope she makes it.

    1. She didn't. i went out this afternoon to check on them as she barely moved. I brought her in and tried to feed her some kitten replacer. She was just too far gone. Our other mama had five kittens last night. We found them in the barn. I love kittens!