Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Boy Turns 11

Every day for the last month or so, The Boy has had a daily countdown to his birthday. 

As we got closer, I began to tell him that I couldn't have an 11 year old boy and he'd have to stay 10. I'd also tell him we were skipping his birthday this year, there was no April 12 in 2013, and he just had a birthday last year so he couldn't have one this year. None of this worked. He would just smile or laugh, call me a name, and go on his merry way.

His sisters started planning the party they would throw him. They colored placemats, name plates, and worked on drawing a donkey for pin the tail on the donkey. Sissy even decided to read fortunes. I'm not sure where she got this, but it has provided me with much laughter as I eavesdrop on her "fortunes".

This last one cracks me up.

And now I have an 11 year old boy! This is so not fair. First, Sissy decides to turn 12 and now The Boy gets older. Who's next, Baby? It's not gonna happen. I have to keep one of them little and sweet forever. She's quick, but still small enough that if I can catch her unaware, I can wrangle her to the ground, tie her up, and force her to stay my little baby forever. That's my plan. Don't anyone tell her. She sneaky and smarter than me, she doesn't need your help!

Back to The Boy. And his birthday. First thing this morning, he got up and his sisters ran at him yelling, "Happy birthday!" The three of them jumped excitedly around the living room. Then, Baby insisted on giving him her present. Oh the joy!

First, the card.

Then, the gifts.

Next, Sissy's card.

Finally, the hug.

I had to print out a donkey, since they couldn't figure out how to draw one. We thought this one was hilarious.

Sissy decided The boy needed a crown. "Boy, you need a crown, so I'm going to need your head."

Do you want to know how to get your house clean quickly? Tell three excited children that they can't decorate for a birthday party until the house is clean. They clean with energy and fervor and excitement. Maybe we should have parties everyday!

The Boy just wanted a plain cake, but we knew we were getting him a truck and trailer, so I added a little embellishment to the cake. Sissy wanted to try using the piping bag, so she did quite a bit of the green. Baby tried a few "plants" but found it a bit difficult for her little hands.

The kids wanted to make individual pizzas, so I got it all ready and let them go at it.

The candles are blown out.

 Now, we did get him other presents but every picture I took had so much movement that you may get motion sickness just looking at it.

Happy Birthday, Boy! Now, NO MORE!


  1. Belated happy birthday, Boy! It looks like you had a most wonderful day, thanks to your familY (you have really cool sisters!). I love the decorations, and those pizzas look soooo good! I wish I lived close, I'd sneak over to your house and help you eat that birthday cake :-D

    1. He has a Wii game called "the adventures of tin tin". We got him the movie for his birthday. As we were making popcorn, he was in the living room waiting to load the dvd. I walked in and heard him saying with great feeling, "This is the best day ever!" He is so appreciative for anything he gets, no matter how small. He told his sisters all day how good they did and how much he liked it. He's such a joy to do things for!