Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Delicious Decision

We had a rooster. He was beautiful. His crow graced our farm.

This same rooster attacked Sissy daily when she went in to collect eggs and feed the chickens. He also attacked anyone else who went in the coop or even came up to the screen door. I realize he was doing his job to protect his girls, but Mr Farmer and I have to protect our girls, too.

So, we decided to have old Mr Roo for dinner. And he was the guest of honor. We thought it a good chance to show our kids where our food comes from.

This post contains graphic pictures. Do not proceed if you are upset by realistic farm life and the death of animals.

Still with me? Here is a short "how to butcher a chicken" lesson.

First, remove his head. Then pick him up and let the blood drain. While he is draining, get your pot of water boiling.

 Dunk him in the water briefly. This will help release the feathers and make plucking easier. Now is the time to pluck all the feathers. This process is made quick by many helping hands.

Now there will be tiny hairs left on him. Remove these by singing them over some kind of fire. I have used rubbing alcohol in a pan and lit on fire. Here we are using the turkey fryer.

Now have your oldest daughter hold it for a photo op. She was actually enjoying the process, though it's hard to tell by her expression!

Next, you need to remove the innerds. Apparently, there is a bile sac that you definitely don't want to puncture or it will spoil your meat. And it is not easy to remove. After much work, Auntie finally found and removed it.

 Then she may or may not have used Mr Roo as a hand puppet.

Make sure Buddy gets fed the extra "goodies".

 Now all that's left is to take him inside and finish cleaning him out and scrubbing him down.

I am told that fresh, young chickens like ours are great for fried chicken, but we just put him in the crockpot. He tasted like chicken. 
 Tomorrow I will post a how-to on making homemade noodles to go with a delicious chicken.

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