Monday, September 24, 2012

Days Of Their Lives

The other day I told you about the hens getting their freedom for the day while we cleaned their coop. I wanted to share some photos of them out playing, pecking, exploring, and...



In photo 3 you can see my hugely overgrown sweet potato vine. This hen decided to dive right in, scratch out a nest, and lay an egg. I really had to pull back a lot of vine to even be able to see her under there. It was quite a nice place she had found. She decorated it all up with pictures of family and ruffles and ribbons. I don't know where she finds the time!

Here are a few photos of the clean coop and the girls enjoying it. They LOVE fresh hay!

And now, if I can do this right, here is a video of the girls.

They rarely leave any hay in the nest boxes and now I know why. One will be in there on the nest. Another jumps in and thinks she will oust the first one. When that proves impossible, she then proceeds to try and scratch out another nest right next to the first one. This empties the nest box of most of the hay.

Before anyone suggests we make more boxes you need to know that no matter how many boxes you have, the hens will always try and nest in the same box. They like a ready-made nest, complete with eggs.

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