Monday, September 10, 2012

A Very Busy Weekend

Thia past weekend was so busy! It started Friday morning with teaching the kids. We worked quickly to get as much done as possible before we left for an auction.

The auction was a farm machinery auction and we were there for several items. As is often the case, a lot of things went very low, but the things we wanted went higher than we wanted to pay. So we walked away with nothing and went home to finish up school.

We finished school, did chores, and got supper ready. Mr Farmer came home a bit early to eat and change clothes and then we were off to the Nebraska Bush tractor pull in a nearby county fair.

The tractor pull was fun but we froze, even with two blankets and sweatshirts. We left at 11:00 pm, after 5 hours of watching. We were told it lasted until 12:30!

Saturday we got up around nine, quickly got ready, and headed to a whole farm auction. The auction sold land, home, machinery, and all kinds of tools and housewares. It lasted all day. We bought all kinds of cool stuff. I'll post photos later of some of what we got.

We loaded up our new toys and headed home for a quick supper before we headed down to the fair for the demolition derby. It was fun, but our favorite heet was a new one--lawn mower demolition. It was quite interesting.

We left early again at 11:00 as Baby fell asleep on Mr Farmer's lap, and the Boy asked if would could go home to bed. You know they're tired when they ask to go to bed!  During a derby!

We instructed the kids that they were not to get up before 9:00. They all slept in good. I, however, woke up several times during the night with this stupid cold and got up at 7 to come out to the couch so I wouldn't wake Mr Farmer. I fell asleep on the couch until almost 11! I am not usually a late sleeper, but this cold is killing me. I have yet to find a medicine, cough drop, throat spray, or anything else that helps. I have been without a full night's uninterrupted sleep in weeks! Last night I even agreed to try Mr Farmer's go-to medicine--Nyquil. I have stayed away from it for many, many years because of the medications I take. Last night I didn't care if I died. I needed to sleep! Unfortunately, it didn't help at all. I was up even more. If anyone has any tried and true methods for stopping a throat tickle/ cough, please let me know.

When I finally got up, Mr Farmer had unloaded the trailer of  auctions buys and was organizing his workshop. He stayed busy all day. I pretty much watched him, in a miserable stupor.

And that was our weekend. I'd like to just take it easy and clean the house a bit today, but I have to make ten batches of soap this week for an order. I may be dead at the end of this week. If so, thanks for visiting my blog and be sure to send money to my family. Oh, why wait for me to die, just send in your donations now so I can know who my favorite blog followers are before I go.

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