Friday, September 7, 2012

Using Your Noodle

I told you yesterday that I'd show you how to make homemade noodles.

But first, is this font size easier to read? I think the other size seems so small. Tell me which is easier.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

There are a couple of parts to my noodle maker. There is the roller on the left. It has a knob that changes the thickness of your noodle sheet. Then there is the cutter. It has a section for spaghetti noodles and one for regular noodles. And, of course, the handle.

The cast of characters: ingredients, bowl, tools, and recipe.

I don't let my noodles dry. I have before but don't notice any difference. Except that the fresh ones cook up quicker. I also add pepper to my recipe.

After mixing your recipe up, run it through the roller on thickest setting. Then fold in half length-wise and run through again. And again. And a few more times, repeating the fold in half and run through procedures.

If it is sticky, dust with flour before running it through the rollers.

After about six times of folding and rolling, change setting to the next thinner setting and repeat. Keep changing settings until you have your desired thickness.

Now just run through the cutter.

I use a pizza cutter to cut the noodles to length.

Now it's time to cleanup the equipment.

Here is the meat we got from the rooster.

My noodles cooking in the chicken broth.

All served up over mashed potatoes, with a salad.

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